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As mentioned earlier, the Enclaves is an exclusive community that is unlike anything before it. The entire compound is dotted with spaces exclusively for trees and other kinds of plant life. However, the Enclaves offers more than just that. You can also find plenty of other amenities that make it the best place to live right now.

The Enclaves has amenities that makes full use of the place’s original, natural beauty. For instance, there is a huge park right beside the banks of the Matab-ang River, which is perfect just in case you want to go on a picnic with your family or play with your kids. Only some of the younger trees were uprooted and relocated, the older trees are left where they are and turned into kind of like living statues inside the park.

Although swimming in the Matab-ang River is not advisable, there is still a way for residents of the Enclaves to beat the heat. Near the social hall are two pools - a full-sized one for the adults and a wading pool for the kids (or for those adults who just want to soak in the water). These pools are exclusive for the residents of the Enclaves, and they are regularly cleaned and treated by the community management so you can be sure that the water is always safe to swim in.

Speaking of the social hall, this is kind of a clubhouse for the Enclaves. If your house is not big enough to host the kind of party that you are planning, then you can rent the social hall for your purposes. There is enough room in the social hall for roughly a hundred people, which is big enough for any occasion that you might have in mind.

There is also an indoor play area for children in the social hall. You can bring your kids here so they can play with the other children in the neighborhood. This is ideal for young children since you can actually keep an eye on them. Also, you can head over to the indoor fitness area to get some exercise for yourself while your kids are busy playing.

If you are a fitness buff, there is an indoor fitness area in the social hall. This is kind of like a gym that all the residents have access to. There are more than enough fitness equipment here to help you get into shape. The fitness area also has its own shower room and toilet so you can hit the showers before you head back home.

There is also a multi-purpose court where you can play basketball, volleyball, or any other sport that interests you. If you like jogging, then there is no better place to live in other than the Enclaves. The streets are lined with trees so you will always have shade even during the summer months, and there is always a cool breeze coming from the river so it will always be an enjoyable time every time you go out for a run.

  • Social Hall
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Swimming Pool
  • Indoor Play Area
  • Indoor Fitness Area
  • Multi-purpose Court
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